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Sourdough bread · Sandwich · Soup · Salad · Coffee&Tea 


Healthy and delicious bakery cafe


Taste created by Honest ingredients and time
Bread that you can eat comfortably like the rice you eat every day,
Bread that is beneficial to our body rather than bread that sells well.
Bakers turn on the oven every day at 6am to make naturalistic bread.
Experience some beautiful breads made from natural yeast seed and carefully selected ingredients.

Together professional chef,
Master Gwak Ji-won, a master of natural fermented bread, famous for pilgrimage places
Ost Blanc's white bear owner Kim Young-soo,
Produced by Cyril Godin Owner, who has successfully launched Eric Kayser in France.
Special bakery brand.

Sharing a healthy day together,
Six o'clock natural bread, as well as fruit jams, coffee, tea, etc. are making the table happy.

Start your day with a variety of delicious products.